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Games & PE 2018/19

Class Games/PE kit

Games and physical education are compulsory lessons and important aspects of the curriculum.

Could you please ensure that your children have their games/PE kit on the appropriate days Unfortunately some of our children frequently have no kit, putting the blame squarely on Mum/Dad for not putting it in their bags!  Reminders will be sent!


Please ensure your child has a plain white T shirt and black shorts for PE. Warm joggers and a sweatshirt (no colour stipulation) are required  for Outdoor games during the winter months.  The Junior children can wear their House T Shirt for outdoor games (if they have one) as activities are often organised in houses.


Games this year

Y5           -              Thursday

Y4           -              Wednesday

Y6           -              Friday

Y3           -              Tuesday

Y1           -              Friday

Y2           -              Wednesday

Rec         -              Thursday


PE Lessons

Y6           6T Monday                         6MH  Monday                   6L Wednesday

Y5           5H Wednesday                  5D Tuesday                         5IH Tuesday

Y4           4H Friday                            4B Thursday                       4P Monday

Y3           3RS Thursday                     3S Wednesday                  3KS Thursday

Y2           2H Tuesday                         2D Friday                             2C Friday

Y1           1EH Tuesday                      1B Monday                         1R Thursday

Rec         R1 Monday                         R2 Tuesday                         R3 Wednesday


If your child is unable to participate for medical reasons please provide a note of explanation for the teacher.