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Abacus Pupil World

Abacus Pupil World is a fun place to play maths games, complete interactive activities and access rewards. The children earn rewards by completing the games and activities allocated to them.


To log in to Abacus Pupil World your child will need to use the same Username and Password that they have been given for Purple Mash. Our school code is ksqh


“My Stuff”

This is where children can see the activities we have allocated to them. Activity allocation is unique to each child and links directly to the maths skills and activities they have been working on in class. They can also see here how many coins each game or activity is worth before completing it.


“My Library”

This is where completed games are stored so that the children can play and enjoy them again and again and again! Consolidation of skills is so important with all learning.


 “My Rewards”

‘My Rewards’ is where your child can go to select their rewards after completing allocated games and activities. They can also customise avatars, decorate a tree house, play games and more. The more games and activities your child completes, the more rewards they can unlock and buy.