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Activity 1

Finding 2 digit numbers on a 100 square


You will need: 100 square:

  • blocks/counters to place on the 100 square
  • number cards 1 - 100 (you will need these several times this week)
  • timer

Explain that you are going to play ‘Hide the number’.

Using the 100 square,  hide a 2-digit number by covering it with a block/counter. 

Ask: Which number is hidden? How do you know?


Repeat several times.


Ask: How can we find numbers on the hundred-square? How can we find seventy-three? 

Discuss, allowing your child to point out it will be on the row with all the numbers in the 70s and in the column with all the numbers ending in 3. (Alternatively - it will be in the column with the numbers ending in 3 - follow the column down with your finger until you get to 73.)


Number Challenge: Be a 100 square whizz!


Ask a grown up to print out the number cards 1 - 100.

Cut them up and put them face down in a pile -  make sure they are mixed up!

Take the top card from the pile. 

Using the printed 100 square, can you find the number on the 100 square and cover it with a block/counter.

How many numbers can you cover correctly in 1 minute? 

Repeat the activity. Can you beat your record?