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Activity 1

Odd and Even Numbers


You will need:

  • odd and even 100 square
  • number cards to 100 (you may still have them from last week’s activities)
  • number line to 20
  • blocks/counters

First watch this video as an introduction.


Learning Odd and Even Numbers

Shuffle a set of number cards 1–20 plus some ‘wild’ cards: 56, 92, 61, 33, 49, 83, 28. 

Then place them in a pile face down. Ask your child to take a card and read the number. Ask: Is it odd or even?


Repeat for all cards. If they take a ‘wild’ card, encourage your child to discuss how they know it is odd or even. Point at the 100-square. Is the wild-card number in the evens or odds column?

Now ask your child to put them in order from smallest to largest and read out the numbers.


Key Questions:

How can you tell if a number is even or odd?

What pattern do the even and odd numbers make on the hundred-square?


Count along a 1−20 number line, whispering the odd numbers and placing a blue cube/block on them and saying the even numbers more loudly, placing a red cube/block on them.

Count along the line saying the odd numbers, then the even numbers.

Mix up some number cards 1−20 and show one to your child.

Agree whether it is odd or even and if it is even, can they halve it?

They can use cubes or other objects to help if they need to.


Now play this game from Top Marks.

Here is a song all about odd and even numbers, if you would like to listen to it.