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Activity 1

Telling the time - o’clock and half past


For this activity you will need a clock. 

We have posted a link to an online clock tool;  included a printable clock for you to make (you could also use a paper plate);  or you could use a real clock if you have one at home.                                  

If you would like to make the task more interactive why not chalk a giant clock on the ground/trampoline and use sticks for the hands? (Or you could lie down to be the hands!)

If  you do not have any chalk, paper circles with the numbers on would also work.


Today we are going to practise telling the time.

Do you remember how to tell the time?  Watch this video first to remind you.

How to Tell the Time


Now you have watched the video. 

Use the clock resources we have given you - there is a paper one to cut out, one online on Top Marks or you can use a real clock you may have at home.

Make o’clock times with your grown up, moving the hands around the clock from 1 o’clock to 12 o'clock in order.

After you practise making 'o’clock' times try making half past times.



Parents ... Show the clock and make some o’clock and half past times for your child to read and say.

Ask your child to explain where the hour hand and minute hand are in an o’clock time and a half past time.

Ensure your child can identify which hand is which and have a way of remembering.


Key questions:

When both hands point straight up to the twelve, what time is it?

Where does the long hand go when it is half past?

The clock you have been using is an analogue clock.

Remember when the long hand points to the 12, the time is an o’clock time.

When the long hand points to the 6, the time is a half past time.

We can also write the time using just numbers.  When we only use numbers it is called digital time.

When the time is o’clock the digital time ends in :00. So 2 o’clock would be 02:00;  7 o’clock would be 07:00 and so on.

When the time is half past the digital time ends in :30. So half past 4 would be 04:30; half past 9 would be 09:30.

See if you can match the time on these clocks.