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Maths Activity 1



You will need a small hand-held mirror (this is not essential for the activity if you do not have one at home).


Watch the video  'Symmetrical and Asymmetrical shapes' together up  to 3.03 minutes.

Parents ... Some prompts will appear on the screen, these can be ignored as they are part of the video tutorial.

Stop the video at 3.03 minutes.

Ask your child if they can explain what is meant by 'symmetrical' - If the images were split in half down the middle, one side of each image would be the same as the other, as if it has been ‘flipped’.

Symmetrical and Asymmetrical figures

Explain that the creatures and leaves in the video are symmetrical. Discuss how most creatures, including humans, are roughly symmetrical. 


If you have a small mirror try to hold it (gently) down the middle of your Mum or Dad’s face. What do you notice? 

It looks a bit like we can see the whole face.


Now watch the video 'A Symmetrical World'. 

A symmetrical world

As you can see there are lots of natural things that are symmetrical. 

Can you go on a symmetry treasure hunt around your house, garden or on your daily walk to find some things that are symmetrical? 

You could collect them, draw them, take a photograph of them or write them down in a list.


To test your symmetry skills, there is a symmetry matching game to explore on Top Marks.

Start with the picture section - look closely, there are some pictures that might catch you out!


Happy matching!