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Activity 2

Finding halves and quarters of shapes


As an introduction to this activity you may find it helpful to first watch the video 'Finding Halves of Shapes'.

Finding Half of Shapes

Write 1/2 on a piece of paper and explain: This means there are two equal parts — one of the parts is a half, one out of two equal parts.

Give your child a large square piece of paper - (slightly smaller than A4).

Ask your child to fold their paper in half exactly. Model matching the corners and folding. 

Now we have two equal parts; how should we label them?

Discuss how we write a half (½). Model on your paper and let your child label each half on theirs.


Now if you want to make quarters; how can we do this?

Watch the video 'Finding Quarters of Shapes'.

Finding Quarters of Shapes

Discuss and model folding paper back into half and then in half again. Explain that when we halve a half we get a quarter.


How do we write a quarter? How many equal parts have we got?

Discuss and ask your child to label the other side of the paper (not the one labelled half) with 1/4 in each quarter.

Count the parts and explain There are four equal parts and each of these is one of the four parts so we write one over four.

Write 1/4.


Give your child the sheet with circles. Ask them to cut out the shapes. Explain these are whole shapes.

Now fold one of the circles in half. Label each half ½ and then cut it in half carefully.

Repeat with the final circle but this time fold and cut it into 4. Label each section ¼.

Allow them to experiment to see: How many halves make a whole? How many quarters make a whole? How many quarters make a half?


Discuss answers and model by placing two quarters over a half to show they are the same.

Write 2/4 = 1/2     2/2 = 1    and    4/4 = 1     on a piece of paper emphasising two halves is a whole, four quarters is a whole and two quarters is a half.


Repeat the activity using different shapes. (This could be an independent activity)


Ask your child to cut out three of each shape, one shape at a time.

They fold one in half and in half again to make quarters and cut them out carefully, labelling the quarter.

If they wish they could stick the whole shape on the left-hand side of coloured A4 paper with the four quarters, either as separate quarters or with a slight gap as a jigsaw in the original shape.

Repeat with the next shape.

Activity 2 - worksheet