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Activity 2

Finding Inbetween Numbers


You will need:

100 square or number line to 100 (The number line will be easier to use visually)

blocks/counters to place on the 100 square/number line

number cards 1 - 100 (you will need these for the next activity too) 



Using either the Number Line or 100 square count along to 50. (The number line will be easier to use visually.)

Ask your child to place two blocks onto two different numbers.

Ask: Which is the smaller number? Which is the greater number?

Ask your child to say a number that lies between the two numbers which have blocks on them.


Discuss numbers in-between, pointing out that there may be lots to choose from. Identify the range of numbers that are all in-between, not as big as the biggest and not as small as the smallest.

Repeat the activity but this time using three blocks. Order the numbers from smallest to largest then ask your child to find numbers in-between each pair of numbers.


Key questions:

  • How many numbers can you see between these two numbers?

  • Which of these two numbers is smaller? Which is larger?

  • Which of these three numbers is the largest? The smallest?


Point out that this is easy when we can see the number line as the numbers are in order and we can see the numbers between. This gets very tricky when we are doing it ourselves. It is best to use a number line or a 100 square to help us.


Use the link to the BBC Home Learning page. There is a short introductory video followed by an interactive video (classroom secrets) on ordering numbers to 50. Alternatively, there a the direct link.

Now have a go at completing the  'Inbetween Numbers' worksheet activity.


Number Challenge: 100 square disaster!

When you arrive in the classroom on Monday morning you discover all the numbers have fallen off the class number square and they are in a heap on the floor. All that is left on the wall is a blank grid!

There are  five minutes to go before the lesson starts and you need the number square.

Can you find a quick way of helping your teacher and putting the numbers back in their right places? 

Where will you start? 

Use the number cards from your last activity to create a giant number square!