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Activity 2

Counting in 2s and 5s


Watch the videos in the BBC Bitesize lesson help you practise counting in 2s ... but before you start watching, try to find 20 small objects to help with counting. These could be toys, cars, building blocks, raisins… socks are also good because they come in pairs! Why not count along with the video to practise counting in 2s?

At the end, can you put the small objects into sets of 2?  


Parents ... Please encourage your child to count in 2s rather than individually.

Now you have practised counting in 2s, can you do these number activities?

Parents ... There are 3 sheets, with 3 levels of difficulty. Please choose the sheet you feel is more suited to your child.

Counting in 2s worksheet

Now watch these videos in the BBC Bitesize lesson to help you count in 5s.

Here are some suggestions for how you can practise counting in 5s, making it as practical as possible using whatever you have available in the house.

Sort objects into fives and then practice counting them one group of five at a time. You could use marbles, plastic blocks or dried pasta.

Perhaps you could draw groups of five objects and count them aloud. For example, you could draw flowers with 5 petals on each one, a leaf with 5 wriggly caterpillars on it or butterflies/ladybirds with 5 spots.

Create fingerprints or handprints in groups of five and count aloud, one group of five at a time.