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Maths Activity 2

Symmetrical and non-symmetrical shapes


*** This activity will be explored during your child's time at school this week ***

*** Please only complete this activity if your child is not attending school this week - thank you ***


In this activity you are going to explore shapes that are symmetrical.

Cut out all of the shapes from the sheet 'Symmetrical and non-symmetrical shapes'. 

It is important that you cut very carefully, staying exactly on the lines.


Parents ... Please check the shapes after your child has cut them out to ensure they are accurate otherwise when folded they will not be symmetrical. You may need to 'trim' them a little.


Try to fold each of the shapes in half to see if they are symmetrical.

Remember that a shape is symmetrical if one half fits exactly on top of the other half when folded back over it. 


Get a piece of plain paper and draw a line down the middle - make sure it is big enough for all the shapes to fit on it. A4 is a good size piece of paper for this. 

On one side of the line write the heading ’Symmetrical’ and on the other side write ‘Not symmetrical’.

As you fold the shapes, place them on the paper to sort them into symmetrical and non-symmetrical.

You could stick the shapes onto the paper,  but ask a grown-up to check you are correct before you stick the shapes down.

Using a ruler, you could draw a line onto the shape where you have folded it, to show where the 'line of symmetry' is.


Top Marks ... If you didn’t play the 'Shapes' section of the matching game in activity 1, you could test out your skills now. If you are feeling super clever, why not try the 'Pattern' section - you will have to look really carefully to match the patterns!