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Activity 3

Creating a Graph


We hope you have been having lots of fun investigating capacity. To help improve your amazing maths skills further we would like you to make a graph to show your cup/yoghurt pot measuring results.


Look at the photograph you took of the measuring activity that you did with the yoghurt pots. The lego block towers show your results. 

Can you use Purple Mash 2Graph to record your results? 


We have set this challenge as a 2Do task on Purple Mash. The children have used 2Graph lots of times in school but please refer to the' Purple Mash Capacity Graph’ activity sheet  if you need help to set up or format the results table and graph with your child. There is also a help video which you can access by clicking on the film strip button in the top right hand corner of the 2Graph page.


Once you have inputted your results click on the different graph options to see how the same information can be shown in different ways.


Talk to your child about which they think is the clearest and easiest to read graph? When they have chosen their graph please remember to click on ‘hand in’ and in the comments ask your child to explain why they have chosen that graph to show their  results.


Purple Mash 2Graph - Instructions