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Activity 3

Ordering Numbers


You will need:

  • Number cards 1 - 100
  • 100 square or number line to 100
  • timer

Give your child the number cards 28, 15, 41 and 37. The numbers are out of order.

Ask: Can you help put them in order?

Explain that they will be trying to do this before we look at the number line/100-square to check.

(Remind them of the video they watched yesterday - to look at the tens digit first to help them order the numbers).

Ask your child to re-order them. The smallest number comes nearer the beginning of the square. Encourage your child to explain how they know which of any two numbers is larger and which is smaller.


Repeat, this time handing out five number cards: 73, 82, 29, 68, 91.

Discuss the order of the numbers and check using the number line/ 100 square. Point out that, even though 8 is bigger than 3, 68 is smaller than 73 because 60 is smaller than 70.

We look at the tens digit first to compare numbers and decide the order, so sixty-eight comes before seventy-three on the hundred-square.


Hold up number card 75 and ask your child where it goes. Discuss how the 10s are the same as 73 but it comes after 73 as 5 is bigger than 3.


Ask your child if they can think of a number that goes between 68 and 73.

Discuss and use the number line/100 square to show that 69, 70, 71 and 72 all come between 68 and 73.


Now complete the Ordering Numbers worksheet activity.

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