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Activity 3

Find change from 10p and 20p by counting up


You will need: 10p and 1p coins


Please share the powerpoint “Giving change to 10p” with your child. 

Show your child the three stickers priced 6p, 3p and 8p on the price labels resources sheet.

Give your child a 10p coin and ask which sticker they would like to buy.

Ask them to show you the price of the sticker on their fingers, e.g. for the cat sticker they show six fingers.


Ask your child to pick up a 10p coin. If we give the shopkeeper 10p, we have given them too much.

Point out that we only need 6p, six fingers. How much change do I need to give back? Ask your child to look at their folded down fingers to find out.

Your child gives you the 10p and you give them four 1p coins one at a time saying: 7p, 8p, 9p, 10p.

Point to the 6p on the 1–10p money track on the price labels resources sheet.

Hide the first six pennies.

This is how much we spent on the sticker.

Point out the four remaining pennies.

This is how much we have from 10p.


Write: 10p –6p = 4p.

Talk your child through this.

We started with 10p and spent 6p and then got 4p change.

Repeat with the other two stickers.

Ensure you count up using 1p coins to show the total change, e.g. your child buys a sticker for 8p you count 9p, 10p handing over two 1p coins to show 2p change from 8p, then cross off the pennies from 10p on the coin track.

Record the subtraction: 10p –8p = 2p. We started with 10p and spent 8p and then got 2p change.


Key questions:

  • What do we add to 6 to make 10? So what is 10 take away 6?

  • I have 10p and spend 6p. How much change will I get?


Now play the Change Game practising giving change from 10p and 20p.

Take turns to flip a coin.

If it lands on heads, move two spaces along the track; if tails move one space.

Buy the item that is landed on, using a 10p coin if the item is less than 10p, and a 20p coin if the item is more than 10p.

Then give themselves the correct change in 1p coins.

Check if the change is correct.

If it is not, they cannot keep the change.

The winner is the one who finishes with the most money.