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Maths Activity 3

Connor the Caterpillar


In your language and wellbeing activities this week you have been finding out about Cody the Cautious Caterpillar.

Cody has lots of caterpillar friends, one of whom is Connor.

Connor loves playing measuring games with his friends, they like to see who is the longest caterpillar and who is the shortest.


They like to get themselves into 3 sets -  the caterpillars who are longer than Connor, the caterpillars that are shorter than Connor and the caterpillars that are the same length as Connor.


Can you help the caterpillars sort themselves into sets by comparing how long they are?

Cut the caterpillars out of the sheet (you can just cut around the boxes, you do not need to cut around the bodies), and start sorting and comparing.

Have fun, but be careful they don't wriggle away!



After you have sorted Connor’s friends into the 3 sets, can you use a ruler to measure Connor?

Write down how many centimetres he measures next to his body.

Now can you measure all of Connor’s friends and write down their measurements too?

Can you put them in one long line from shortest to longest?

(Do you remember where you need to put the head of each caterpillar on the ruler to make sure your measuring is accurate?)


Happy measuring!