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Activity 4

Finding 10 less from a 2-digit number


Set up a simple seaside themed shop, e.g. gift shop, beach shop, clothes shop, sweet shop etc. 

Gather together approximately 6 -10 items.

Give each item a price between 10p and £1 - make a price tag for each one. Pre-prepared and blank price tag sheets are included below.


After role playing buying and selling items with your child announce that there is going to Summer Sale and all the items in the shop need to be reduced by 10p. Ask your child to work out the new prices and change the amounts on the price tags. (Use a 100 square if needed.)

You child could also use coins to make the amounts for each item.

How many different ways can they find of making each amount?

What is the least number of coins needed to make each amount? 

(We will be looking at money in a couple of weeks.)