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Activity 4

Making and Splitting 2 Digit Numbers


You will need:

Arrow cards 1 (cut up as in the video)

10p pieces and 1p pieces

a cuddly toy as a prop (e.g. Teddy)



Parents ... For your reference we have included a video showing how to use arrow cards - you only need to watch up to 3.12 minutes. After this the video moves onto 3 digit numbers, please only use this if your child has completed the 2 digit activities and are confident in doing so.

Making two digit numbers using place value arrows

You will need a cuddly toy as a prop (e.g. Teddy)

Explain to your child that today they will be doing maths with Teddy.

Teddy loves sums where we do not really have to do any work!

Teddy loves big numbers with 10s in them, and he knows all about adding 10s and 1s to make 2-digit numbers.

Teddy is very lazy and he loves to do ‘no work maths’.

Write 54 on a piece of paper. Use the “Arrow Cards” and ask your child to make the number 54. How many tens in fifty-four? How many ones?

Then ask your child to make 54p using 10p coins and 1p coins. How many ten pence coins? How many one penny coins?

Ask your child if they think they can write a sum for Teddy to show the 10s and 1s in 54.

50 + 4 = 54.


Repeat for 68 (60 + 8 = 68)


This time Teddy has written a sum. Do they know the answer? Write 10 + 7 = . 

Ask your child to find the Arrow cards 10 and a 7.  Now put them together to make the number. Can they make it using 10p and 1p coins. It is seventeen. It has one ten and seven ones. Ask your child to complete the sum by writing the answer (17).


Key Questions:

What number has two tens and four ones?

How many tens do ‘teen’ numbers have?

How many tens in thirty-six? How many ones?


Number Challenge: 

Using the Arrow cards that your grown up has printed out, spread them out in front of you face down.  Pick a large card and a small card. Put them together to make a two digit number.  Write down the sum and its answer.  How long does it take you to write 5 sums?

Do it again. Can you beat your record?


(We have included 3 digit arrow cards too. Many children will not need them. Please only give these to your child if they have mastered making and splitting 2 digit numbers.)

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