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Activity 4

Finding doubles to 10 and related halves


Parents ... Before your child starts the activity please recap the meaning of a double with your child: adding a number to itself or adding two like numbers. 


Watch this video about doubling.


Now can you do some doubles hopping and colour the lily pads for the frog?

Parents ... There are 2 sheets. One has answers to 12, (using 1 die), the other has answers to 24 (using 2 dice). Please choose the sheet you feel is more suited to your child.

Doubling Activity

Doubles challenge:

Peg five pegs on each side of a coat hanger.

How many altogether?

Can you write the number sentence on the piece of paper?  (5 + 5 = 10)


Roll a pair of dice and add the dots together to make a number.

Put that many pegs onto the coat hanger.

If the number is odd, can you say how many pegs will be on the coat hanger if you double the number?

If the number is even, can you  say what half the number would be?

Key questions:

If double five is ten, what is half of ten?

What number was doubled? How do you know? 


If you would like more practice, here are some minibeast colouring puzzles for you to do.

You will have to use your doubling and halving skills to help you.

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