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Activity 5

Abacus Maths Pupil World


Have fun playing the 'Seaside Scuffle' game that has been allocated to your Abacus Maths Pupil World account.


Spot the correct number sentence to win the Tug of War. 

You will be given 2 numbers in a sentence. You will need to say whether the sentence is correct or not correct.

Some sentences will be written like this:-

5 is more than 4            (Yes)

8 is less than 10             (Yes)

9 is less than 3               (No)


Other sentences will use a symbol instead, like this:-

     15   >   14            which means           15 is more than 14          (Yes)

     18   <   20            which means           18 is less than 20           (Yes)

     29   <   23            which means          29 is less than 23           (No)


Remember “the crocodile always eats the bigger number”.  Look at the crocodile pictures on the resource cards to help you.

Crocodile Resource Cards