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Animal Patterns Pencil Control

Animal Patterns Pencil Control


Animal Patterns

Look at these pictures of animal patterns. Talk about how you think it would feel if you touched it? Bumpy or smooth? Soft or hard? Warm or Cold? What colours can you see?

Can you guess what each animal is?

Pencil Control Activities

We would like you to practise as many of the pre-writing shapes as you can in the context of animal patterns. 

Here are the shapes as a reminder.

Animal Patterns

Using the longest paper you can find (or stick together) draw and cut out a simple fat and wiggly snake shape.

Help your child to draw different pre writing shape patterns on the snake.  One might have horizontal lines across its body.  Another might have spots represented by drawing circles, both big and small. Try to include some zigzag patterns - the trickier prewriting shapes might necessitate you drawing them in yellow pen first then your child over writing in a different colour.


Can you cut out a giraffe shape and make its beautiful markings using squares?

Can you cut out a tortoise shape and cover its shell in colourful triangles?

Can you choose some other animals to cut out and cover with patterns?

Pencil Control Printable Sheets

These sheets are available if you want to use them.