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Gruffalo Sounds

Gruffalo Sounds

It is really important to help your child to develop their listening skills. In the fast paced multimedia world that we live in children can be overly reliant on their visual skills which can impact their ability to hear and discriminate between sounds. 


Find a quiet, comfortable place to sit together and listen to this 'Sounds Like Fun' programme and see how many different sounds  you can collect in the woods.

Sound Discrimination

If you feel that your child is not ready for the segmenting, blending and initial sound activities below that is perfectly fine, please don't try to teach a skill that your child is not yet ready to learn.  Instead focus on the Phase One Letters and Sounds tasks in the Key Skills Development - Listening Skills section listed on the Meithrin page.

Segmenting and Blending CVC Words

Continue to practise using your best robot voices to blend and segment short words.

CVC - Consonant - Vowel - Consonant  (rug, hat, dog, sun, bin, Ben, top)


Make a small collection of pictures or objects, all of which your child can confidently name.  Using your robot voice to break the word into separate sounds, ask your child to find, for example, the c-a-t, the c-u-p or the f-i-sh, from the selection.  Your child is learning to blend sounds together to hear the word.


Once confident in hearing a word, your child could begin to try to segment CVC words.  Help them to say the name of objects using their own robot voice.  Model and support this activity until they are confident, and praise effort effusively.


The CVC word cards are linked in last weeks sounds activity at the bottom of the page if you want to print them but have not yet done so.

Initial Sounds I-Spy

Gather together a small collection of objects with one clear initial sounds (so no digraphs such as sh, ch, th, wh) or use the pictures below.  (You could even use objects that you have collected on your scavenger hunt in the woods)

Check that your child can name each object.  

Play I-Spy:  I can see something beginning with 't'.

Please remember to use the sounds each letter makes not their names.  A reminder of how to say each sound in the alphabet is linked below.

Help your child as much as is needed to enable them to succeed. If they need support initially, which is quite likely, use your robot voice and put much emphasis on the initial sound (onset) and far less on the ending (rime) asking, 'What starts with 't' - is it the t-ap or the f-ish?'

This link takes you to our Sounds activities from last week and contains information about how to say each sound of the alphabet, should you need to re-familiarise yourself with this.