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Coral Reef Collage

If you would prefer to practise ripping the paper (especially if you have tissue paper) then that is a valuable skill too.

Colour Scavenger Hunt  (first sheet)

Obviously you could adapt this so that your child is finding objects of each colour rather than drawing them.

Symmetry Painting

A lovely activity which you will no doubt remember doing yourself as a child! Fold a large piece of paper in two then invite your child to paint on just one side of the paper using lots of paint.  Fold the unpainted side on top of the painted side and use your hand to smooth firmly all over the paper.  When you carefully unpeel the two sides you should have a beautiful symmetrical painting!

Handprint Monkey

You probably won't need the detailed instructions but lovely to read to your child as an example of a different purpose for writing.

Footprint Animals

How many other animals can you create from just a footprint (or two, if you're making a butterfly..)

Animal Cress Heads

Follow these simple instructions from CBeebies to create different animal cress heads!

Creative Cardboard Tube Creatures

Follow the instructions to make the different animals, then have a try at making your own creation!

Purple Mash : Make your own melodies.

Play and record simple melodies by clicking on the instruments.