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Breakfast Club 20/21



Dear Parents,

Since the beginning of term a considerable amount of work has been carried out to ensure that children remain in their class contact groups. This means that should a positive test for COVID-19 be confirmed at the school, the number of pupils and members of staff required to self-isolate will be kept to a minimum.

As you can appreciate, in a school of over 707 pupils, this has been a significant task and I would like to thank my staff for their efforts in establishing and maintaining these contact groups effectively.

Therefore, careful consideration has been given to the restart of breakfast club, as doing so would expand contact groups, with the potential for a great number of pupils needing to self-isolate if the school has a positive case.

Having weighed up the options, we have taken the decision not to run breakfast club for the time being, in order to ensure that we maintain the measures in place to minimise the spread of the virus.

However, the situation will be monitored in line with the current advice and guidance, and I will communicate any changes accordingly.

I appreciate your understanding and continued support.


Carol Harry

Rhiwbeina Primary Breakfast Club



The Breakfast Club at Rhiwbeina Primary School is a free facility and funded by the Welsh Government. The purpose of the Breakfast Club is to provide a nutritious breakfast to children who would otherwise not be provided with one at home. The capacity of the school hall is limited and so the school has to restrict the number of children who attend the Breakfast Club:

  • Children attending the Breakfast Club are required to eat breakfast while they are there. This facility is not intended to provide childcare.
  • No child has a right to a place. Schools can refuse entry to any child on the grounds of unacceptable behaviour.
  • No foods can be brought into school by the children to be eaten at the Breakfast Club.
  • Breakfast Club opens at 8.15am and no children should be allowed on to the premises before that time. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that their child/children arrive safely and that parents/carers must sign their child/children into the Breakfast Club.


Children must arrive for Breakfast Club by 8.30am. No child will be admitted after that time.

 Unless there are extenuating circumstances, it will be assumed that if a child is not using the place allocated to him/her on a consistent and regular basis, that the place is no longer required. In this circumstance, the parent(s) of the child/children will be informed that the place(s) is/are no longer available.


The Governing Body has agreed that parents should be invited to re-apply each year for their child’s/children’s place(s) at the Breakfast Club and to complete the necessary form.  It has been agreed that if the Breakfast Club is oversubscribed, the following criteria will apply in this order:

  • Children in receipt of Free School Meals (if you feel you may qualify for Free School Meals please speak to the school office);
  • Position on the waiting list (children in receipt of Free School Meals will automatically take priority).


Breakfast Club admission forms are available to download from the Virtual Office on the school website. Please complete one form per child and return a hard copy to the school office staff.


Click on the link to go direct to the Virtual Office in order to download your form for your child/ren to join Breakfast Club.