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PTA Message - Buddy Benches


We are pleased to announce that in time for the spring sunshine the Buddy Benches are now in full use in the school yards.


You may recall that in the Autumn term we championed this pupil-led School Council initiative.  The aim of the scheme is to have benches for pupils from Years 1 to 6 to use during their playtime, and also to have a recognised and dedicated area where anyone who may be in need of a ‘buddy’ can go. 


With your contributions, together with the generous donations from sponsors Younger's Fish Bar and Beulah URChurch, we have purchased three star benches in red and green.


The School Council have given much care and consideration to the style and location of the benches.  Taking into account all logistical issues, our three benches have been placed in a 'halfway zone', allowing pupils access from both the Key Stage 2 playground and the Foundation Phase playground.  With support from the identified playground buddies, pupils from a mix of year groups can help each other 'buddy up' when needed.


If you haven’t spotted them already then please do take a look next time you are in the school yard or keep an eye out for newsletters which will share photographs and further information.  We hope that in the near future we will see more Buddy Benches located specifically in the lower Key Stage 2 and upper Foundation Phase play areas.


This has been a fantastic initiative for the PTA to champion this academic year and we look forward to working with the School Council and with you all on other events in the near future.


Thank you all once again for your continued support.


Many Thanks

Your PTA Team