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Counting 1 more

Counting Skills

It is really important to keep practising counting skills as they reinforce so many fundamentals of a child's number work. Please keep revisiting the number activities we have shared with you over the previous weeks.

If you have them at home you could of course use toy POLAR animals for these previously shared activities ... although we anticipate you might have a less bountiful supply of polar animals as you did of farm animals!

It is also nice to give your child the choice of what they would like to count ... putting then at the centre of their learning can really help engagement especially when needing to practise and consolidate key skills.

If they love toys cars ... let them count cars! If they love Lego ... let them count Lego blocks! If they love chocolate buttons ... let them count chocolate buttons! (... and then you can both eat the chocolate buttons!)

It's really important to make learning as fun as possible!

Pip Penguin's Fish

Pip the Penguin loves to eat fish! Can you help Pip to count the different amounts of fish he has for her dinner?

Add One More Penguin

This game can be played with any toys so doesn't need to be printed.  Instead of the iceberg picture perhaps you could choose a cushion or a boat made from a box for your toys.

Choose a number card between 0 and 10. Or roll a dice if you'd prefer.

Add that number of penguins (or your chosen toys) to the iceberg (or cushion/boat).

Now add one more. How many do you have now? Count to check your answer or to find out.

Extend the activity by adding 2 more or taking away 1 (one less).

Counting objects

Only try this activity if you feel your child can confidently count sets of physical objects up to 10.  You will need to talk to your child about, and model, strategies they could use to mark or cross out each animal as they count it.