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Can you remember the Welsh language patterns we use in school? Try playing the Who Wants to be a Millionaire game to remind yourself- pob lwc!

Read Parti Doli Glwt and explore the food at the parti. (The vocabulary is on the last page to help you)

How can you ask for food?

What food do you like? The video below may help you.

  • Can you ask someone in your house what they eat?
  • Can you write a few sentences telling us what you like to eat and what you don’t like to eat. Use the work bank to help you with your sentences.


Beth wyt ti’n bwyta?
Dw i’n bwyta banana a grawnwin.

Sut mae Fflop?

Mae Fflop yn hapus iawn.

Beth mae Dora yn hoffi bwyta?

Mae Dora yn hoffi bwyta pysgod.

Ydy Sam yn hoffi bwyta afal?

Ydy / Nag ydy


  • Record yourself speaking the sentences and upload them to JIT.
  • Write a script for yourself and someone in your family to perform.
  • Keep a diary of what you eat through the week (or your dream menu!) and write a sentence to match the picture.
  • Type a list of what you like to eat using Purple Mash. You could draw a picture to match your sentences.
  • Play Bingo matching food the written words
  • Cut and stick items to put into your lunchbox and write the labels in welsh.
  • Take a photo of a meal and label the food.
  • Write a shopping list in Welsh.


Beth wyt ti’n hoffi?                       


What do you like?


Dw i’n hoffi …                                 


I like …


Dw i ddim yn hoffi…                   


I don’t like …


Beth wyt ti’n bwyta ?  


What do you eat ?


Dw i’n bwyta  ...            


I eat  ....


Dw i ddim yn bwyta  ...    


I don’t eat  ...

Dw i’n hoffi bwyta…


I like eating …

Dw i ddim yn hoffi bwyta …


I don’t like eating …