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Sawl trychfilod? - How many minibeasts?


We have been very impressed with the Purple Mash activities you have been completing about trychfilod. 


This week you are going to use the Welsh words you have been learning in our topic so far.

Can you count the trychfilod under the magnifying glass yn gymraeg? 

How many can you find of each one? 

You will need the word mat to look for the names of the trychfilod.

We have also given you a list of number words in Welsh as you will need these to write the sentences.


If you would like to watch a video that reminds you how to count in Welsh, there is one here.


Now practise your writing skills. Write a sentence yn gymraeg for each trychfilod.

Use this sentence starter  to help you.

Dyma  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

          number  minibeast

(Here are  _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _.)


Please write the numbers in words.


So your sentence might look like this:

Dyma naw hedfan.    Here are nine flies.


Remember that you can make your sentences more interesting by including the colour of the trychfilod too - (the colour word would go after the name of the minibeast). 

Dyma naw hedfan du.  Here are nine black flies.


Why not try to include words for the size of the minibeasts.

Dyma naw hedfan mawr/bach.    Here are nine big/small flies.


Pob lwc!