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Faint o'r gloch ydy hi?


After all the super maths activities you did last week on telling the time, this week you will be starting to tell the time in Welsh. 


Please watch this BBC video to start you off.

Now can you write the times in welsh to go with the clocks on the sheet “Faint o’r Gloch”?

Here are the sentences you will need:-


Faint o’r gloch ydy hi?  What time is it?

Pronounced - Vaint o glow-ch uddy hee?    (vaint as in pint of milk)


Mae hi’n  ______ o’r gloch.    It is ______ o’clock

Pronounced - My heen _______ o glow-ch.


Mae hi’n hanner awr wedi ________.  It is half past ________.

Pronounced - My heen hanner ow-r wed-ee _______. 


Pob Lwc!