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Who are you?


In school we have been practising asking and answering the question Pwy wyt ti?

Take it in turns with your grown up to ask and answer the question:


Pwy wyt ti?  (poy oyt tea)       Who are you?


.... ydw i.  (ud oo ee)          I am ....


How many different people in your family can you ask? 

To help you practise asking and answering this questions, can you answer the question imagining you are different types of pets.

Or you could ask the question to some of the teddies in your pretend play Vet Clinic.


Dafydd Dog ydw i.   (ud oo ee)      I am Dafydd Dog.

Carys Cat ydw i.  (ud oo ee)     I am Carys Cat.


When you answer as a pet try doing an action or sound associated with that animal e.g. you could bark after answering Dafydd Dog ydw i or hop around whilst you answer Ruth Rabbit ydw i!