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Incidental Welsh

We use a lot of incidental/every day Welsh in Nursery.  You have probably heard your child sing the greeting song which is one of their first experiences of speaking Welsh. 


Points to remember:

The 'ch' in Welsh is pronounced 'ch' as in the Scottish loch or Docherty

The 'll' in Welsh is pronounced with difficulty! The nearest you can get to this sound in English is an I with a th in front of it!  (Form your lips and tongue to pronounce the the letter L, but then blow air around the sides of the tongue instead of saying anything! 


This is sung to the tune of Frere Jacque

Bore da, Good morning! 

Sut wyt ti? How are you?

Da iawn diolch, Very well thank you! 

Bore da, Good morning!

If they attend in the afternoon then the words are obviously changed to Prynhawn da! 


From this we have learned to ask each other 'Sut wyt ti?'  (Sit oi tea) which means 'How are you?' and answer using the following:

Da iawn, diolch (da yown, dee-ol-ch)  Very well, thank you


Hapus (hapis) Happy

Drist  Sad

Wedi blino (wed-ee bleeno) Tired


We have also learned to ask 'Pwy wyt ti?' (poy oi tea) which means 'Who are you?' and answer by saying:

___________ ydw i.  (________ uh doo ee)     I am (name)


From the Autumn Term, at carpet time, the children as a whole are encouraged to ask a member of staff what is for snack that day:

Mrs______, pa fwyd heddiw? (pa foyd heth-you) What is for food today? 

The teacher will answer:

Heddiw, ti'n cael______.  (Heth-you, teen kai-ul_____)  Today, we have_______.

They have learned a variety of fruits and vegetables:


In the Spring term every child will be chosen to be a  Helpwr Heddiw (Helper of the day) for each of the 4 snack groups and will be encouraged to ask each member of the group what they would like to drink: 

'Beth wyt ti'n eisiau?' (Bear th oi teen eye shy?) What would you like? 

The children are encouraged to answer 

Llaeth (LL eye th)  milk

Dwr  (do err)  water

As they become more confident we expect them to add 'Ga i?' (Gaa ee) May I? and/or say 'Diolch' (Dee ol ch)  Thank you.


Every day a child who has impressed the teachers is chosen to be the 'Seren Bach' Little Star.  They are given a special sticker and certificate and get to sit in the 'special' chair for story/singing time! The rest of the class sing:

Da iawn (name), da iawn (name)  Well done ____. 

Da iawn (name), Ti'n seren bach heddiw!  (teen seren bar-ch heth-you!)  You are the little star today!

Welsh Songs

Here are a selection of the songs that we sing in Nursery.