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Bore da!  Croeso!  Sut wyt ti?


Good morning! Welcome! How are you?


This week we will be learning about ....anifeiliaid anwes ....PETS!


Look at the poster showing the names of different pet animals. Practise saying and reading the different enwau/names.


Then have a go at the following question:


Oes cath gyda ti?   Have you got a cat?


Oes, mae cath gyda fi.     Yes I've got a cat.


0r/neu      Nac oes , does dim cath gyda fi.   No I have not got a cat.


Next have a go at this question pattern with different animals.


Oes ci gyda ti?   Have you got a dog?


Oes, mae ci gyda fi.     Yes I've got a dog.


0r/neu      Nac oes , does dim ci gyda fi.   No I have not got a dog.


Pob lwc! Good luck!



We would love to see pictures or photos of your pets. smiley


You could:

  • draw a picture and then label them

eg pen  head 

    cynffon   tail

    coesau   legs

    ceg   mouth

  • write about them      

Dyma ______ .  Here is _____(name of pet).

Cath ydy e/hi.   He/She is a cat.

Mae e'n du a gwyn.   Mae hi'n du a gwyn.   He is black and white. She is black and white.


  • If you haven't got a pet, perhaps draw a picture of your favourite type of pet animal.