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Lliwiau - Colours


Watch the video “Colourful t-shirts” on the BBC Home Learning website


Recap the names of the main colours in Welsh using the prompt sheet “Lliwiau”

Encourage your child to say which colours they like using the pattern 

“Dwi’n hoffi ----------(colour).”       

(Pronounced “Dween hoffee --------.”) 

I like -----------.


You could extend the sentence to - 

“Dwi’n hoffi -------- (colour) ond dwi ddim yn hoffi --------- (colour).”

(Pronounced "Dween hoffee  --------  ond  dwee thim un hoffee  -------- .") 

I like ------- but I don’t like --------- .


Your child can then complete the Sea Creature worksheet where they read the sentences to colour the creatures in the correct colour.

You might need to give your child some support to read the sentences. (There is a Welsh and an English version of the sheet included.)