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Developing our fine motor skills in Reception!

Fine motor skills are a key and important part of every child's development. It takes time and lots of practise to develop fine motor skills and is a key focus in Reception.  You may have even talked about your child's fine motor skills with their class teacher in a parent consultation and now be thinking about what you can do now to support your child at home.  Below is a range of resources, links and information that you may find useful.  By no means is this an exhaustive list, just a helping hand for those that would like some guidance. 


What are 'fine motor skills'?

Fine motor skills involve smaller movements of the fingers, hands, wrists, feet and toes! In class we tend to focus on the development of the fingers, hands and wrists.  We use fine motor skills all the time - writing, picking up small items, dressing and doing zips and buttons, eating...even blinking!


Children will need to develop their gross motor skills (larger scale movements involving the whole body) before they can develop their fine motor skills. As a starting point we always look to see how established gross motor skills are for every child.