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This week we are investigating dinosaurs.  Talk together, and write down, what you already know about dinosaurs then use a different colour to write questions you would like to find the answers to.  This is an activity that the children will undertake all the way through school so, even if they can't generate their own ideas, it is a great introduction to the concept to listen to you 'thinking out loud' composing questions.

Can you use these fact cards to mark out the length of some dinosaurs on the ground or their heights against a wall?  These facts will help you with the quiz further down the page!


Obviously it is asking too much to expect a young child to grasp how long ago it was that dinosaurs roamed the earth, or the length of the Mesozoic Era.  You could use the general idea to make a simple photo timeline of your child's life thus far, talking about what they could not do as a baby or toddler but can now.  It might also be an opportunity to create a pictorial family tree together, if the idea appeals to you.


There are, of course, several Andy programmes about dinosaurs...

Can you find any dinosaur footprints like Ranger Hamza and his ramblers?

Who Am I?

Can you remember all the dinosaur facts you have learned so far?

Venn Diagram

Ensure your child is confident in sorting objects into separate groups first.    

Pencil Control

Obviously you can do this in any number of ways without printing the pages.  Can you use chalk to mark a route for your dinosaur through a pretend landscape?

Cutting Skills

Can you make a paper dinosaur by cutting out lots of different shapes for the different parts of it's body? 

Counting Dinosaurs

Lots of one to one correspondence practise will be so beneficial to your child going into Reception.  Begin to ask your child to estimate how many there are before they begin to count.  Remember to emphasise that estimating isn't getting it correct, just trying to get close.  Keep practising!

Dinosaur Addition

There are three sheets in this document.  The second sheet is practising beginning with the first number in your head then adding on the second set. The third sheet is a new concept, missing numbers in an addition sum, which you should only attempt if your child is demonstrating good understanding of addition and numbers to ten.


It is so important to work practically to enable your child to really grasp mathematical concepts.  If they are confident in carrying out simple subtraction problems using objects then you could introduce them to written subtraction questions like these.  

Dinosaur Trail

These footprints will make number ordering a little bit more fun to practise!

Dinosaur Dot to Dot

These dot to dots follow numbers into the thirties.  If your child is keen to try them then support them in joining the numbers even if they are not yet familiar with numbers this large as a first experience of them.

Number Formation

Keep practising your number formation!

Dinosaur Art

Can you collect together lots of twigs and leaves and stones and make a dinosaur picture using them?  Can you use your paint handprints and black pen to make them look like dinosaurs?

Can you make footprints in play dough using your own dinosaurs?  Or use small objects to try to make dinosaur footprints.