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Gruffalo Trail

Gruffalo Trail 


Making a Map

We would like you to work with your child to create a map of an area in which you could enjoy a Gruffalo Trail.  It might be your garden, a local park, or your living room/kitchen.

This map needs to have pictures/drawings of landmarks rather than being drawn in plan view (seeing objects from above).  It does not need to take hours, as you can see from examples below it need take only minutes as long as you and your child know where the relevant landmarks are on the map.



Next print, or draw, and then cut out, the story characters from The Gruffalo.  

Sellotape/peg/tie the characters to the various landmarks drawn on your child's map.

Then mark on the map the locations of each character.  

Mapping skills in Nursery focus on building an awareness of the relationships between physical structures and developing an understanding that objects can be represented by pictures (or symbols).


Please note: the Gruffalo characters are available below both as PDF and Word files to enable you to alter the sizes if needed.

Following Directions

Choose a starting point. Work with your child to guide them to each character giving directions such as:

Forward 7 steps.  Count with your child to help them to take the correct number of steps and maintain one to one correspondence

Turn.  Only introduce left and right if your child is ready to understand concept, otherwise just indicate where you want them to face when they turn

Forward 3 steps.

Support your child as much as is needed to follow the directions. You can model or carry out the directions together, repeat the trail a number of times or try following different trails.

Challenge your child to use the directional language to try to guide you around the area to find all the Gruffalo characters.

Hunting for treasure!

Pet and Cat need your help! They aren't in the woods hunting for the Gruffalo instead they are on an island looking for treasure.

Using the arrow keys on a keyboard guide Peg around the grid to find the treasure! Good luck!