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What makes a song?


This week we are going to enjoy listening to a sea themed song and think about whether we like it or not. We call this skill ‘appraising’. It helps us to think about the different parts of music and why we like or dislike it. 


The songs for you to choose from are at the bottom of this page.


Challenge 1:

Listen to one of the tracks and think/talk about the questions below. 


Do you like it? Why? 

How does the music sound? Is it happy, sad or a different emotion? 

Is the tempo fast or slow? 

Is the pitch high or low? 

What do you like about this song? Perhaps you have a favourite line in the song, or you can hear a rhythm or instrument that you like the most.  

What do other people in your family think about the song? Do they think the same as you or have other opinions? 


How could you show your ideas? Maybe you could make a video and be a reporter when you interview someone else, or you could draw a picture to match the song and write your ideas on the picture. 


Challenge 2:

A song is made up of different sections. There may be different instruments playing parts of the music, singing and rhythms.


To help you understand how a song can be made up of different parts, have a go at the BBC Bring on the Noise ‘Play It’ game. 

Click on the ‘Listen and Layer’ option and have fun taking out and adding in the different parts of a song, there are 11 songs to choose from. 

You will be just like a DJ arranging and mixing the music! Is there a part that you like the best? Or maybe you don’t like one of the parts and think it sounds better when you take it out.


Have fun being creative!

Here are the sea themed songs for you to choose from ...

I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

Summer Holiday

I Love Summertime

The Singing Walrus

Under the Sea (from The Little Mermaid)

A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea