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Seaside Seascapes


Take a look at the video below. Artist Emma Majury is making a collage by layering different materials. She makes a city and countryside collage. 

Collage challenge: Can you make a seaside collage? 


What features will you need to include in your seaside collage? You might find it helpful to sketch out a quick plan on a piece of paper.

Think about what colours you will need. What colour is the sand, sea and sky?

Will there be any people or creatures in your scene? 

What will the weather be like in your seascape? Will it be a sunny day at the seaside or a dark stormy night? 


You could combine lots of different natural and manmade materials in your picture to help create different textures. Have a look around your house and garden you'll be amazed at all the different materials you can find - be creative! 


You don’t need to stick anything down unless you want to. You could lay it out on the floor, stand back and have a look at your work. Ask someone else in your family what they think - can they make any suggestions about what you could add or change?

When you are happy with your collage take a picture before tidying everything away. Upload your photo to our school Twitter feed to show us and the rest of your class mates what you have made. We look forward to seeing how creative you have been.


Happy seacape creating!