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Musical Ocean


In this activity you are going to explore the different sounds that water can make. 


Watery Sounds:

Watch these videos and see how many different watery sounds you can count. Can you hear a drip or a splash? What other sounds are there?

Water Sound Effects

Splash Sound Effects

Watery Challenge: 


*This is a wet water challenge, so you may want to do this outside or in the bathroom*


We wonder how many different sounds you can make with water.

In a bath/paddling pool/tub of water; gather together some objects, e.g cup, watering can, sieve, ball to drop, small stones, (you could use some of the containers you have used for this week's maths capacity activities). Explore what different sounds you can make in the water. 


Can you make noises that sound like a drip, splash, spray? 

Maybe you could:

  • blow bubbles through a straw

  • splash using your hands

  • make a swishing sound by dragging a spoon through the water

  • tilt a container of water from side to side to make a sloshing sound


Which of your sounds are loud, which are medium, and which are quiet? 

In music, these words are called dynamics.

Watch the video below to see if you can learn the musical names for dynamics. 

Forte Piano

Watery Composition:

Can you put the sounds that you have explored into a sequence to make your own ocean music?

Perhaps you could start with a forte splash by dropping something into the water, then make a piano dripping sound by slowly letting water from a cup drip.

What sound could you finish with?

Will you choose a forte, piano or mezzo forte sound? 


Happy splashing!