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Expressive Arts

Creating your own Crafty Minibeast

This week you are going to use your making skills to make a no-sew worm or caterpillar.  

To make this, you will need: 

  • 1 old sock,  

  • 5 elastic bands, hair bobbles (or string to tie),  

  • something to stuff the sock with (old material/newspaper will do) 

  • an extra could be pipe cleaners, or something to make an antennae and legs for the caterpillar. If you don’t have these, don’t worry! You can make a wonderful wiggly worm.  

  • a pen to draw the face on your minibeast. If you have googly eyes, you could use those instead.


Watch this video, it will show you how to make the worm. There are no spoken instructions, so you will need to watch and follow carefully. 


No-Sew Sock Worms

The video calls this a sock worm, but we know that worms don’t have antennae don’t we!  


So, this is where you can personalise your minibeast. If you want to make a worm, you’ll just need to draw a face onto the front of it with a pen (remember that it’s a good idea to draw lightly in pencil first to check that you are happy with your drawing).

If you want to make a caterpillar, you’ll need pipe cleaners to make antennae and legs.  Wrap the pipe cleaners around the elastic bands to face up for antennae or down for legs.  


Now it just needs a name!  


We would love to see what you have made. If you want to share your minibeast friend with us, you could upload a photo to the Rhiwbina Twitter feed ... and don't forget to tell us its name! We love seeing what you've been up to!