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Symmetrical Butterflies


*** Please make sure you have completed Maths Activity 1 before you start this activity!


We have been so impressed with the minibeast art that we have seen you doing in this topic. Well done! 


This week we are going to be using paint to explore making a butterfly. 


Have you ever looked really closely at a butterfly’s wings? 

Have a look at this video and see what you notice.

Symmetry in butterflies

Did you see how the wings were all symmetrical? The right wing was the same as the left wing. 

Today you are going to have the chance to make your own symmetrical butterfly. 


You will need :


pencil - to draw your butterfly outline

paint - for your butterfly pattern

scissors to cut out your butterfly wings. 


Follow the instructions in this video to learn how to create your own beautiful symmetrical butterflies.


Symmetrical Butterfly Painting

It’s always so exciting when you open up the paper and see your symmetrical butterfly wings; it’s like seeing a new butterfly emerging from its chrysalis. 

We hope you enjoy making them. We would love to see them too!


If you want to share your butterfly creation with us you could upload a photo to our school Twitter feed. We love seeing what you have been up to!


Now that you have explored making symmetrical designs using paint, it’s time to log onto Purple Mash and this time use the computer paint tools to help you be creative.


The symmetry tool is amazing as you can see your symmetrical butterfly design appear before your eyes. As you draw on one side of the butterfly the computer draws the symmetrical pattern on the other side. 


On the left hand side of the screen you will find the different paint tools. Try to use as many different colours as you can. At the bottom of the paint tools is the slider that you use to adjust the size of the brush that you draw with. It is really important that you use different size paint brushes to add lots of interesting detail to your design.

And in the top right hand corner is the undo button. If you try out an idea or make a mistake in just one click you can take it away. Before you start adding the symmetrical pattern you need to start by colouring in the background of the different parts of the butterfly.


As the computer program creates the symmetrical part of the design for you we are looking for you to use your ICT skills to:

  • change the background colour from white

  • use a variety of different colours in your design

  • change the size of the brush that you are drawing with

  • add detail to your design


Now it's time to log in to your Purple Mash account and start your 'My Symmetry Butterfly' 2Do.

The Purple Mash 2Dos have been great to help us stay in touch and we have genuinely loved hearing from you and seeing what you have been up to. We will continue to set you 2Dos as part of your home learning activities and we will continue to look at every piece of work and read your messages. However, rather than comment back, Mrs Harry has asked us to talk to you about your work when we see you in school. Please keep working hard at home and 'handing in' your excellent work so that we have lots to talk to you about!!!

Have a look at this symmetrical butterfly design that we had fun creating on Purple Mash!

We are really looking forward to seeing the designs you create.


Happy painting!

Symmetrical butterfly created using 2Paint