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Expressive Arts

Listening for Clues


*** This activity will be explored during your child's time at school this week ***

*** Please only complete this activity if your child is not attending school this week - thank you ***


This week we are going to think about how music makes us feel and what it makes us imagine.

Have a look at this video.

The children in the video listened carefully to Vivaldi’s music and it helped them to imagine a scene that they could draw. They imagined a stream and buzzy bees.

Composers can use music to make us feel a certain way or to make us think of something specific. It’s a bit like using instruments or dynamics to leave clues for us in the music.


This piece of music was written by a composer called Sergei Prokofiev. 

It’s called ‘A Summer’s Day’.

Find somewhere comfy to sit or lie down and close your eyes as you listen to the music. Imagine a summer's day and let your imagination take you there as you listen.

Prokofiev = "Summer Day'

Now think about these questions.

• Where were you in your imagination?

• What could you see around you?

• What was the weather like?


Now we’d like you to paint or draw your ‘Summer’s Day’ scene to go with the music.

Let your creativity take over. Imagine the music is making you  paint or draw.

You may like to keep listening to it as you draw to give you more ideas.


We would love to see your ‘Summer’s Day’ pictures so if you aren't in school with us at the moment remember you can share your work with us on the school Twitter page.


Happy listening and creating!