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Piet Mondrian is a Dutch artist best known for his abstract paintings. Art that is abstract does not show things that are recognisable such as people, objects or landscapes. Instead artists use colours, shapes and textures to achieve their effect


When Mondrian made his paintings, he would always mix his own colours, never using the paint directly out of a tube. He often used primary colours – red yellow and blue.


In the early 19th century, Paris was the place where all the exciting new art was happening and Mondrian felt he had to go there. Mondrian became an important artist whose ideas and work influenced lots of later artists. In fact it wasn't just art that Mondrian inspired. The influence of his paintings can be seen in lots of other things – from furniture to fashion!

As well as abstract art Mondrian was also passionate about dancing! Apparently he didn't like slow traditional dances like waltzes or tango, but enjoyed high energy, fast dancing styles! He even called one of his abstract paintings Broadway Boogie Woogie after a popular dance of the time.


Broadway Boogie Woogie is a painting by Piet Mondrian completed in 1943, after he had moved to New York in 1940. The picture is based on the city grid of Manhattan, and the Broadway boogie woogie, a type of music Mondrian loved. His painting measures 127 cm × 127 cm and is oil paint on canvas.


Don’t tell your Teachers, but Mondrian did not use a ruler to measure out his lines! He thought carefully about where to place the lines, like those that you see in this painting. Notice how the red, yellow and blue are placed to the side and the centre of painting doesn't have any colour.

Broadway Boogie Woogie.mp4

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Can you create your own picture of Broadway Boogie Woogie?

How will you create your art work?

Will you cut and stick, colour, paint or use technology.

Will you create your art work inside or outside?

Will your art work measure 127 cm x 127 cm just like Mondrian?

Can you create your own city like the video using Lego or junk modelling? You could try Purple Mash 2DIY3D in your 2Dos.

Can you find New York on Google Maps?

Look at the video Inside The Art. The designers made a model of Broadway Boogie that looks like you can step inside it.

Can you make your own model of Broadway Boogie using Lego or junk modelling? Send a photo, video or use MIX to present your work.

There is also a Purple Mash 2Do where you can build your own Broadway Boogie… good luck!

Inside the Art.mp4

Still image for this video
BBC Mondrian Make a folded paper wallet covered with boldly coloured designs in the style of Mondrian. A series of folds and cuts are made in a self-sticking envelope to create the shape, which then folds together to form the wallet. Once the wallet is made it is decorated in Mondrian’s style using black tape borders and bold colours to block in the geometric spaces between. The effect is a bright bold design which transforms the wallet’s appearance. There is a brief animated reference to Dutch painter Piet Mondrian of the De Stijl movement as well as some of his works, to set this in context and add an element of art history.