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Expressive Arts Tasks Week 10

Can you create simple and beautiful nature art using items collected from the garden at home?

You might not have a big garden with flowers to pick but that doesn’t mean you can’t create nature art... The sky is the limit so anything goes. Pick a few leaves from shrubs or collect any interesting seed pods, feathers or pebbles. Flowers  or even feathers will make the perfect additions to your art!

Take a photo of your finished piece of art and upload it to JIT MIX where you can tell us all about your work. Your may want to create a video that explains your art. 

WATCH: BBC Bring The Noise Thunder Jam

Remind children of the different instruments they have made/used over the last few weeks (bags, plastic drums, shakers)


Give children the opportunity to make more instruments, then using their instruments children ( and families)  should compose a group composition with a sequence of rhythms.

Encourage the children to think about a clear structure for their composition.


Who will start?

What rhythm will each person play?

What dynamics will they perform?

How will the composition finish?


Then it's time for the big performance! Give each person the chance to perform to everybody else. Don't forget to record your performance so we can see it!


Key vocabulary: rhythm, pulse, dynamics, forte, piano, mezzo forte, mezz

*The previous music sessions are saved in Expressive Arts folders for each week if you would like to watch any music videos again*