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Expressive Arts Tasks Week 8

Can you use your artistic skills to draw or paint a flower or plant? Look closely at the shape of the leaves and petals.. which shapes are in the background and which are in the foreground? Which part of the plant will you have to start with? Will you mix colours like Monet to create shades or will you use bright block colours like Mondrian? How will you describe the colours that you have used? Will you give them their own name? We can’t wait to see your masterpieces!

How To Draw A Tulip In A Pot

How To Draw A Peony Flower


Watch BBCBitesize clip “Playing Instruments Made Of Rubbish”.

Ask the children to listen carefully to the rhythms of the junk band shown in the clip.

Challenge pupils to join in with the band, using whatever objects are to hand (e.g tapping pencils on a table leg/hitting hands on the floor etc). 

Top tip: Explain that it’s easier to remember rhythms if we put words to them e.g stick it up your jumper - cup of tea.

Watch the bins performance by Stomp (Stomp bins - link below)

STOMP London | Bins

Have a selection of tubs available for the children. Challenge them to make recyclable drums out of plastic tubs (ice-cream tubs/take-away tubs) either by banging them as they are, or by stretching plastic bags over the top to make a drum skin. You can decorate them if you want! 

The Music Show Episode #2: I've Got Rhythm

Learn all about RHYTHM in this episode of The Music Show starring Luigi's Baton and Mike the Microphone, with special guest Cadence the Drummer.

WATCH: BBC Bitesize ‘What is Pitch?’ 

Discuss which drums you have made make a low pitch and which have a high pitch.