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Expressive Arts Tasks Week 9

These beautiful paintings were created by Georgia O’Keefe.

Georgia O’ Keefe was an American artist born in 1887. She painted close up views of flowers. She used oil paints in vibrant, bold colours. Painting the flowers at such a close range means you see the see the object in a completely different way.

How will you create your piece of art in the style of Georgia O’Keefe? Will you use a magnifying glass to look closely?

Try to create only part of the flower so your art looks like you have zoomed in on the plant. Will you use paint? chalk? tissue paper? technology?

Will you use A4 or A4 paper.. or bigger? Will you create your piece of art indoors or outdoors?

How to STOMP: Bags

Challenge 1

Watch STOMP explain how to make sound out of bags.7

How can you make a sound out of these bags? E.g pull them, stuff them.  (You will need time to explore!)

Which sounds did you like best? Did you find any of them difficult to play? How many different sounds can you children make out of just one bag?

Challenge 2

Your challenge is to make shakers out of different materials and think about how the material and quantity changes dynamics and pitch. 


Preparation: Have available a range of plastic and metal containers (small school size milk bottles, large milk containers, metal coffee tubs etc). Have rice, pasta (of different shapes and sizes), paper to be rolled into balls etc to be put inside the containers



Make shakers out of containers using different recycled materials inside. Take a photo to upload to JIT MIX or your j2homework folder or a video of your shaker in action.

Will you make shakers as a family that you can make together? Which shakers have a high pitch, and which have a low pitch?


MuExp Forte Piano

Discuss which shakers make a loud/forte dynamic and which are piano/quiet. Are there any which are mezzo forte or mezzo piano? 

Can you make a repeating rhythm on your shakers with different dynamics and then perform?