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Farm Animals

Welsh colour by numbers

Match the farm animals to their babies


Counting Animals

Please help your child to form the numbers accurately.  If they are not confident in copying the numbers from the number line then you could write the number in yellow pen with a red dot indicating where to start.

Missing Numbers

This activity is best done practically with number cards.  Support your child in ordering numbers to 10. Take one number away, leaving the space and help your child to count from 0 initially to find the missing number.  When confident start counting from the number two or three less than the missing number.  To challenge further ask your child to count backwards from ten to find the missing number or take away two or three numbers.  The activity sheets that work up to 20 should be used only when confident working to 10 and with lots of support and modelling to ensure that your child always feels like they are achieving.

Use the poster to talk about the different things you can find on a farm.  Play 'I spy' and name animals with 4 legs, feathers, a curly tail for example or spy things of different colours or patterns e.g. animals that are brown or animals that have patches, or play the traditional game where you spy things beginning with a chosen letter.  (Remember to say the letter sound and not the name e.g ah not ay).  These games lend themselves to so much reinforcement and extension of a child's vocabulary.  


This poster can also be used for a counting activity.  Use the checklist to look for the object, count them and write the number in the box.  (An adult can write the number in yellow pen/highlighter with a dot in the correct starting place for the child to trace over or the child can copy the numeral from a number line/chart if needed.)

Print out the sheets and cut out the pictures of the different animals and their homes. Can you match each animal to their correct homes? What are these homes called?  What makes them a good home for each animal? 

You can also use these cards as a 'Snap' or 'Memory' game. 

Farm Animal Stick Puppets

Can you make up some lovely stories using these stick puppet animals? 

Depending on which sheets you choose, can you follow the paths and stay in between the lines, or trace carefully over the different patterned lines? 

Remember it is very important to grip your pencil using 'pinchy' fingers and close to the nib of your pen or pencil.