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For those already working in Phase 3

If you are continuing to cover Phase 3 then please follow the link below for the next week (week three)...

Last week we looked at alternative ways you can help your child to embed any sounds or high-frequency words your child finds more challenging. This week we are thinking about what to do when a variety of 'all singing, all dancing' techniques don't seem to be hitting the spot. 


The last part of our Phase 3 Phonics Journey is about 'stripping it back'.  Some children who have difficulty or find some aspects of learning phonics challenging can be overwhelmed by the many interactive or stimulating games and activities. They can become more distracted about the graphics or colours and therefore don't take in as much the content they need to learn.  In these cases we suggest 'going back to black'!  


Going back to black...

This means that you revert to using no colours - just using black print on white paper.  You will need to make sure that your print or resources are slightly larger in size so they are easily read - this ensures that they are concentrating fully on the sound or word without getting distracted by straining to read. 


This idea is like the direct phonics scheme that we had been previously using. You may recall these phonic sheets being sent home with a grid of words on in black and white. You can replicate these if you would like in this style with any high frequency words or sounds your child needs support with. 


You can google 'phonic resources black and white' or 'phase 3 phonics resources black and white' for plain resources that may suit what you are looking for. 


Alternatively if you have found different resources you like but they only come in colour - just select the option of 'black and white' when you come to print at home which will remove the colours and revert to black printing.



We hope that the ideas, activities and links that have been provided for you over the past twelve weeks have been of use and that you have felt well-equipped to deliver Phase 3 phonics at home.  The previous weeks pages will be left on the Reception Home Learning page for the remainder of the academic year for you to use as a resource base. You can go back to the Phase 3 phonics section within each week to go back and cover sounds/skills or use any links we have published for you.