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For those already working through Phase 3

Wow! Only two weeks left until the end of Phase Three! Where has that time flown. Once again this week your child has no new sounds to learn although there are two new High Frequency Words.  Last week we asked you to look at breaking down longer words such as chimpanzee in your reading (polysyllabic words). We hope that you enjoyed teaching this new skill and your children had great satisfaction in being able to read words that just a few weeks ago they would have been daunted by. 


This week we ask that you continue to build on reading longer words, using books from Oxford Owl (red and yellow banded books are ideal at this point to help with this skill) to complete sentence reading, as well as writing sentences which have longer words and can apply their phonic knowledge.  Keep going! You are nearly at the end of the phase!

Sentence activities this week...

Phase 3 Sentence Cards

Use these sentences to practise your child's decoding skills and breaking down bigger words. You can also reinforce those sounds which have two letters that make one sound. You can also use these cards to help with your child to write sentences. You can dictate the sentences to your child and they can have a go at writing them. Afterwards compare the two. What have they got that is the same, did they miss anything out, and what could they do better next time?  All these little things make a big difference with your child's phonics progression. 

Our apologies to you that last week the High Frequency flashcards and new words proposed didn't match up. This was an error in uploading.  This week we have attached the flashcards from last week as well as a new set so whichever set you learnt last week, you have a new set to learn this week. Thank you for your understanding!


By the end of this week your child should be able to recognise - her, now, all, look.

Phoneme flashcards to help you practise daily. We post these each week for you but for in case you have mislaid your set you can access them here...

One more week to go...I wonder what the last two high frequency words you will be looking at are...?!