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Pa Lliw Ydy Hwn, Mr Scarecrow?


As you will have found out this week working on the farm is a lot of fun but a lot of hard work!


When the framer has been working hard all day sowing seeds in the fields the last thing they want is for the birds to come and steal them! Do you know what farmers use to stop the birds from taking all the seeds? ... that's right a SCARECOW! 


A scarecrow is traditionally made out of old clothes and made to look like a human. The idea is that the birds see the scarecrow and think that the farmer is still in the field so they stay away. Have a look at these scarecrow pictures ...

This summer Rhiwbina had it's own Scarecrow Walk instead of the usual Summer Festival. You might have seen or made a scarecrow for this event. 

Your 'Pa lliw ydy hwn, Mr Scarecrow?' challenge is to create a scarecrow picture out of different colour clothes and use the welsh lliwiau flashcards to match to the colours in your picture.


We don't want you to make and stuff a actual scarecrow just lay the clothes on the floor to create your scarecrow shape and then label the different colours in welsh.


If you can please take a photo of your scarecrow to upload to your My Work folder on Purple Mash. Pob Lwc!

Colour names in Welsh

If you want to print off, rather than write, the colour names in Welsh the links are below. We have also included a link to some bunting should you want to display them at home.

To help you practise the correct pronunciation of the colours (lliwiau) in welsh (yn cymraeg) we have added 2 videos for you to watch and join in with.

Lliwiau'r Enfys

Colours in Welsh