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How Many?


The farmer needs a lot of help today.  She wants to know how many tractors she has, how many chickens, how many sheep, and how many of all the other animals too, but she is in quite a muddle!

Can you could each set of objects and match them to the correct written number?  Start with numerals and objects up to 8.  Then, if you are confident counting, recognising, and matching the pictures and numbers, try to match up to 12, then 20. 

Challenge your child by including the next few numbers that they don't yet know and support them in beginning to recognise them.

If you would prefer not to print the sheets then create small sets of objects, ask your child to count them and, using your number cards, match to the written number.  


To further challenge your child give them a number cards and ask them to find the correct number of objects. Then help them to develop strategies to count and check they are correct.

To develop your child's checking skills you could create three sets of objects with associated number cards, making one set wrong (a set of five objects with a card that says 6 for example) and ask them to find the mistake!