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Today's activity is a recycling poster!


In Reception we like our activities to be as cross-curricular as possible, and as part of that today we are thinking back to Thursday's topic activity on recycling. Thinking back to yesterday and revisiting the Powerpoint presentation, we would like your child to design a recycling poster to raise awareness.


As this is both a geography and literacy activity we would like you to think about the features of a poster and what it needs to have. Your child's poster will need to have a title such as Things we can Recycle, or Please Recycle and if they would like a further challenge some key information or a message about recycling. The fun part about posters is that they need to beeye catching and as colourful as possible to capture others attention!


Together you can make a list of items that are suitable for recycling for them to include in their poster. Then ask your child to have a go at labelling the items they have drawn.


Why not display your poster in a window at home and help those in your community learn about recycling too?! We can't wait to see your posters on Purple Mash.


Need a stepping stone?

Many different items can be recycled. To make this task easier try to focus on just one of these group eg. Food, plastic etc. You could have a rummage through your recycling green bags and see what is there that they could include on the poster. 


Need a further challenge?

To further challenge your child you could try including a few sentences to explain how we can recycle and why it is important.